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"For Fat Reduction, Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening"

Lipofirm Pro has fast become a phenomenon in the fat loss and cosmetic treatment industry and has particularly earned its stripes with celebrities, with famous names such as Katie Price, Denise van Outen and Marnie Simpson singing its praises. It’s commonly used to target problem areas such as the stomach, bum, and thighs – but many people also turn to it as a means of non-surgical facial contouring.

What is Lipofirm Pro?

Let’s begin with the basics. Lipofirm Pro uniquely combines two technologies – TriLipo Radiofrequency and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation. These work together to remove fat and massage tissue to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, getting rid of excess fluids and waste. Combined with the Dynamic Muscle Activation, the radiofrequency technology heats the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating and increasing fat metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer.

The gentle internal and external pressure encourages the release of fat from the cells, which the body naturally eliminates. This process decreases the size of the cells resulting in inch loss, circumference reduction and improved body contouring that is more or less instantly visible. Whilst this is all happening, collagen fibres begin contracting which in turn tightens and tones the skin, leaving visually firmer results.

Is Lipofirm Safe?

Absolutely. The best thing about Lipofirm Pro is that is medically proven to be safe and effective. It’s a painless procedure and feels a bit like a hot stone massage, with a pressured sensation combined with heat. The electrical pulses heat the deepest layer of skin without damaging the top layers, so poses very minimal risks.

There are a few side effects but these are completely normal reactions to the natural process taking place as a result of the treatment. For instance, many people feel the need to use the toilet much more frequently than usual in the first 24 hours. This is because the body is busy getting rid of and expelling all the fat that the treatment has destroyed. The skin in the treated area may also appear a little red due to the heat used to stimulate the tightening process.

Will Lipofirm make me look younger?

As well as to make the face look slimmer, one of the most popular reasons for having a Lipofirm Pro treatment is to combat the effects of ageing. The treatment is perfect for minimising fine lines and wrinkles, which are usually caused by decreased collagen production. Lipofirm Pro stimulates this production once again to strengthen the skin structure and give it a younger appearance.

It also works in the same way for sagging skin around the chin, neck, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jawline, jowls or the decollete – all common effects of ageing. Not only this, but the treatment can tackle enlarged pores and improve skin tone and texture, giving dull skin a youthful boost. It’s the perfect solution for the older man or woman looking to minimise the facial effects of ageing.


Are there other benefits to Lipofirm?

The benefits, both internally and externally, are countless. As previously mentioned, focused fat reduction and skin tightening and firming are the main draws to Lipofirm Pro. Amongst these though, the treatment can improve and minimise cellulite, firm muscles, detox the body and improve drainage, improve stretch marks or any scarring and of course, leave you feeling rejuvenated and fabulous.

This simple treatment does not require any downtime and many people see an immediate noticeable difference in their facial contouring. It’s worth noting that results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment. If you are interested in our Lipofirm Pro treatments, then we’d love to meet you for a consultation. For more information, please feel free to give us a call

Face Treatments

Body Treatments

Single Treatment, 1 Area: £80.00

Multi Treatment, course of six sessions: £560.00

Single Treatment, 1 Area: £20.00

Multi Treatment, course of six sessions: £100.00

Lipofirm Treatments
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