Brow shape


To accentuate your natural brow or to shape to your preferred style.

Half Leg


Half leg waxing is everything from just above the knee downwards.

Full Leg & Bikini


To include hair removal from the thigh ti the ankle and to tidy the knicker line.



The complete hair removal solution for intimate areas.

Using Lycon hot wax for a more comfortable experience.

Lip / Chin


Removal of facial hair on the upper lip or chin area. Results can last last up to a month.

Half Leg & Bikini


To include hair removal form just above the knee down and to tidy the knicker line.



Tidying of the pubic area to ensure no hair is visible outside the knicker line.

Chest or Back


Removal of hair on the chest or back to leave the skin silky soft.



Enjoy smooth hair free armpits for weeks, say goodbye to your razor.

Full Leg


Full leg wax is from the top of the thigh to the base of the ankle.



Removal of all pubic hair but leaves a small neat strip at the front.

Holiday Ready


Get holiday ready.

 Package includes:-Full leg,Bikini,Underarm and brow shape.