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Turn up the volume

Flat hair getting you down? Don’t fret, the superstar hair stylists at Charlottes Academy have been sharing their pro tips on how to turn limp locks into majestic manes!

1. Turn hair drying on its head

The standard approach to drying your hair needs a rethink. If you dry your hair with your head upright STOP. Hanging your head upside down while you blow-dry your hair naturally draws the hair from your scalp. Giving it a quick blast of cool air once it’s dry will make the effects even greater!

2. Start a new habit

Some people can’t help twizzling their hair, but we bet they didn’t know that this is actually a way to boost volume and add curls. Just use your fingers to twist loops into your some loops and you’ll have no need for additional equipment but be careful not to stare at people while you do it or they might get the wrong idea.

3. Go old school

You may have thought the days of the hair roller were done but if you want to add volume to your hair, you must give them a try. Pop in some rollers before you go to bed and you can get yourself some great results. They say nanna knows best for a reason.

4. Let loose the mousse

While we are talking about products that have been somewhat forgotten, mousse is another that has become less popular over time, but the fact is, mousse gets results. Check our online store for some great options.

5. Have your tried CBD oil?

You might have tried CDB for other ailments as it is fast becoming a super star in the holistic medicine world, but have you tried it in your hair? The high concentrations of amino acids and antioxidants in CBD oil protect your hair from free radicals, hydrates and strengthens.

For more great tips on getting extra volume in your style, give us a call, send an email or get in touch via Facebook for a chat!

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