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Radio Frequency

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"Radio frequency is a results driven, non-invasive treatment designed to promote the production of new collagen"

Radio frequency is a results driven, non-invasive treatment that is among the most effective available, and it is suitable for all skin types. Natural collagen production is at its highest when we are younger but as we age, the production slows and by the time we reach our 40’s our bodies barely produce any at all. With less collagen, skin loses elasticity which is why as we age we start to see the forming of line and wrinkles. With Radio Frequency treatments, specialist equipment stimulates the natural collagen production to tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

How does the Radio Frequency treatment work?

Using specialist equipment, radio frequency energy is directed through the dermal layers of the skin, gently heating the water molecules in that area. This causes the water molecules to vibrate and begin to give off additional friction heat.


This reaction tricks the brain into believing the area needs to be repaired and so it stimulates the production of collagen. The collagen then ats to tighten elastin fibres, resulting in firmer, younger looking skin.  

Where is Radio Frequency most effective?

Radio Frequency treatments are most effective when used on the face, neck and decolletage. It works well improving the look and feel of skin that has been affected the most from exposure to the elements, smoking, alcohol, and poor hydration; helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags.

Is it uncomfortable?

The non-invasive nature of Radio Frequency means that there is no pain or discomfort. The treatment feels pleasantly warm and comfortable. Our trained therapists will use specialist equipment to gradually increase the temperature of each given area, until it reaches the optimal level for the stimulation and production of collagen.

How many treatments will I need?

The answer to this question can vary depending on several factors, such as the age and current condition of your skin, and it is for this reason one of our therapists would have a consultation with your prior to appointment to see what results you could expect to see from the Radio Frequency Treatment. While some clients will opt for a single treatment in advance of a special occasion, we would usually recommend a course of between 8 and 10 treatments, as this would provide the most benefit from a long term perspective. With a full course, effects can last as long as 2 years.

How long should I wait between treatments?

Most clients tend to schedule their appointments every week or two weeks, but they can be taken as frequently as twice a week. Just keep in mind the longer that is left between appointments the longer it may take for the results to show through.

What results can I expect and when?

The results from radio frequency treatments can vary depending on the current condition of your skin which is why our technicians will offer their best advice during an initial consultation and go through the kinds of results you could expect from your treatment.

We have many clients who experience noticeable results after the first treatment but it may take two or three visits before the cumulative effects begin to show. What makes Radio Frequency so good, is that all results look entirely natural and last a long time.  

What should I be doing in between treatments?

In the lead up to each treatment, it is essential that you drink plenty of water. The more water molecules in the skin the easier it is for the skin to heat and the more effective the treatment will be. Plus it is always beneficial to be hydrated for good all round health and wellbeing.

What can I expect after the treatment?

While this and any other question relating to Radio Frequency Treatment can be answered by our therapists during your consultation, we can say that – generally speaking – your skin will have a more flushed, giving you a very healthy appearance. If your skin tone is naturally more red, you may notice a brief time where the colour is brighter than usual but this will subside (usually with a couple of hours). Your skin will feel tighter, smoother, and lifted. Due to the application of heat to any given area, you will notice warmth in your skin but this too will subside quickly.

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment - 60 Mins


Luxury Radio Frequency Facial Treatment - 75 Mins


RF Treatments
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