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Balance Energy Serum 100ml

Balance Energy Serum 100ml

SKU: 10403

Strengthen the hair with System Professional Balance Energy Serum, a clinically proven and patented formula that reinforces the hair and its anchorage system. Balance Energy Serum is intended for those experiencing hair loss and thinning hair, strengthening the hair when used 3 times a week. The Serum's special energising Complex with caffeine, biotin, lauric acid and vitamins increases the supply of nutrients to the hair.

  • How to use

    Shampoo the hair. Apply 2 – 3 pipettes, section by section directly on the scalp and massage directly with the thumb into the hair and scalp. Once evenly applied invigorate the scalp by massaging. This increases the blood flow and activates the ingredients to penetrate more effectively. Do not rinse out. Use 3 times weekly, in case of acute hair loss use daily. For optimal results use the Balance Shampoo to prepare scalp. 

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