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Perfect the wedding hair pre-trial

We all want the perfect wedding day but no matter how hard we try, there are just some things that are outside of our control. Fortunately, your wedding hair does not fall into that category and with the right wedding hair stylist, you can get the look you have been dreaming about.

It is safe to say that most brides spend a lot of time imagining how they want to look on their big day, which is why it’s equally as important to spend time with your stylist beforehand to make sure that they know exactly what you want and have everything dialled in for the big day.

This is where the hair trail comes in. Whether you have one, two or more; making the most of your wedding pre-trail is going to be the first step in achieving that desired look, so make the most of it!

Timing is everything.

We highly recommend booking your wedding hair stylist at least six months before your wedding day. This is especially important if you are looking to get married during the peak season. We want to make sure your favourite stylist is available for you.

When it comes to the pre-trial itself, make a booking around three months in advance. This will give enough time to book additional trials should they be needed, while also being close enough to the big day so that trends don’t change too much in between.

During your pre-trail, it is a good idea to make a note of just how long it takes to create your chosen style. Also, keep in mind how many bridesmaids will be having their hair done too. That way everyone knows what time to allow on the day and that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Spare no detail.

The Pre-trial is the opportune time to discuss everything with your stylist, so make sure you cover as much as you can. Here are some of the important points to go through

· Do you need your stylist on location or will be having your treatments done in-salon?

· How many members of the bridal party will be having treatments?

· Will there be any other experts there on the day we need to work around?

· What is the colour and style of your dress?

· Will you be wearing a veil?

You may have other specific details you wish to discuss but don’t worry too much if you forget something, we are always available in-salon, online or via our social pages if you need to discuss anything else.

Come with clean hair.

Although trials usually take between 1-2 hours, you really want to make sure that our wedding team has the maximum time possible to work on the style you want for your wedding day. If you arrive with products in your hair, more time must be spent on preparing your hair; time that could be better spent on trying out your wedding hair ideas. Wash and dry your hair – ideally the night before – and leave your hair totally natural. This way your chosen stylist will be more familiar with what they will need on the day to get your hair looking great.

Be prepared.

While you are conducting your hairstyle research in the months leading up to your hair trial, make sure you are saving the images you like the look of, and make sure you bring them in with you on the day. The more pictures you have and the more varied the angles, the better your stylist will be able to create the style you want.

Don’t be afraid to try.

What is the point of having a hair trial if you are not prepared to give something a little different a try? Add length, add volume, add colour, or do it all. It’s your special day so why confine yourself to styles you would wear any other day?

Make the most of it!

Charlottes Academy is unique in that we can offer spa and beauty treatments as part of our in-salon experience. Your wedding day can be stressful enough, so make the most of any time you have waiting for your bridal party to get ready, by getting yourself a massage or relaxing in the spa.

For more information about our wedding hair packages and hair pre-trials, please contact the salon and our wedding team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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