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Very Vivid

Adding bright, bold, and vivid colours to your hair have never been easier and there have never been so many colours to choose from; your only limits are your imagination and daring.

Many clients choose to have all of their hair coloured but you could instead add smaller amounts to highlight certain areas if you were looking to be a little more subtle or perhaps give vivid colouring a try before fully committing to the look.

Whichever way you plan on going, in addition to our team being available for consultations and advice, we have put together a few things that you should keep in mind, if you are thinking of going vivid this year.

Know your limits

Being bold is important, but being true to yourself matters most; so if you’re thinking about having some stand-out hair, make sure to consider whether it is going to suit you and your lifestyle. That being said, even if you need to be low-key, there are ways to get a vivid look.

Going for a colourful ombre, highlighted sections, adding colour to the ends, or maybe some balayage layers, can be great if you want something a little more subtle than a full head vivid colour. If that sounds a little too out there, then perhaps add some concealed sections that can be placed under your natural hair colour.

Colour match

We love when clients come in with an exciting colour palette they want to try, especially when the finished result looks as awesome as this:

Picking your ideal colours is a lot of fun but we would always recommend considering your complexion, natural hair colour and eye colour because these can make a big difference in how your new vivid will look overall. Don’t let this put you off though, our creative stylists are incredibly experienced and love to speak with our clients to make sure your vivid colour looks awesome.

Own it

Going for a vivid colour is more than just your standard colour treatment; it’s a real commitment and you need to be prepared to keep your new colour properly maintained. During your consultation, your stylist will be able to run through what you can expect in terms of fading and frequency of retouches, as this can vary depending on the products being used and the current condition of your hair.

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