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The Damage Deterrent List

Doing your hair is just one of the many daily rituals you have to go through, and sometimes this routine can get a bit stuck in its ways. Still dazed from dragging yourself out of bed; setting your hairstyle for the day often becomes an auto-pilot procedure that doesn’t get given enough attention.

So much so that you probably haven’t considered whether that go-to style of yours is actually doing damage to your hair.

At Charlottes Academy, we want our clients to have beautiful, healthy hair because you deserve it, which is why in addition to the range of products we can recommend to keep your tresses in tip-top condition, we’ve put together our ‘damage deterrent’ list of styles that are best avoided.

The Overcooked Look

If you are straightening your hair everyday – or using any heat tool for that matter – then you will have undoubtedly caused damage to your hair. “But I use heat protection”, I hear you say. Sorry but even with specialist products, regular application of heat to your hair is not a good way to keep it healthy. Embrace your wavy hair…at least for a few days a week.

Damp Updos

So you’ve missed your alarm and don’t have time to dry your hair before you leave for work. We get it, we’ve all been there. We also know that the temptation to wrap your hair up into a scrunchie can be overwhelming. When your hair is wet, it is way more fragile than usual and so if you really can’t get it dry in time, make sure you are using a loose hair style to keep it safe. This goes for bedtimes too!

The Daily Ponytail.

The pony tail is one of the most popular styles we turn to, but pulling your hair from the same place everyday can lead to breakages. Now we’re not saying you need to avoid this style all together but try to shake things up a bit to give your hair a rest.

Over-Tightened Braids

If you are one of the well-practiced individuals who has learned the art of the braid, it’s no wonder you want to be showing this off to everyone. Just be sure no to make your braids too tight. If you are a regular braider and you have started to notice some damage, you don’t have to stop altogether. Just loosen your braids and/or start your braid a little lower on your head.

Stressed Sleeping Styles

It’s bedtime, you’re tired and it’s time to relax. Your hair feels the same too! Having your hair in a tight ponytail, bun or braid when your sleeping can very easily damage your hair. Most people tend to move around in their sleep and if your hair is already being pulled up-tight, the added tension that gets applied as your head moves on your pillow is much more likely to cause breakages.

Tangly Teases

Teasing has been making a resurgence lately which certainly has split the opinions of our stylists but the one thing they do agree on when it comes to the teased look, is that it is really not very good for your hair. It’s easy to appreciate how creating this look can create tangles in the hair, which leads to knotting and breakage.

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