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The best skin tightening treatments.

Our social feeds and inboxes are filled with ads for the ‘latest’ anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments, and they all claim to be the best skin tightening treatment around. Each one has their latest formula created by top scientists, or a special ingredient found in the darkest depths of the Amazon rainforest.

There are so many, it turns most of us off from giving anything a try.

In our opinion, what really matters most when it comes to picking the right treatment is simple; does it provide the results?

This is why we choose Lipofirm Pro. You only need to check out our Lipofirm Pro Page on the website to see all the incredible results clients have experienced, including testimonials from celebrities like Bianca Gascoigne, Katie Price and Amber Dowding. Whether it’s for wrinkle reduction, skin firming, line smoothing or improved collagen production, it’s not surprising that Lipofirm Pro has become one of the best non-surgical treatments available in the UK for skin tightening.

As a non-surgical treatment, Lipofirm Pro is incredibly safe and comfortable. It is for this reason that results are often instantaneous, with no recovery time or downtime required.

Treatment times are generally less than one hour, and most range between 30-40 minutes. During this time our highly experienced beauty professionals – who have been trained and qualified by Lipofirm Pro – use specialist equipment to gently target the areas of concern you have specified. It is so gentle that even the delicate skin under the eyes can be treated.

So how does the LipoFirm Pro treatment work? Dr Dev Patel explains everything about the process and the science behind the treatment in this short video:

If you are interested in finding out more about Lipofirm you can visit the information page on our website or find out even more at and if you would like to take the next step, get yourself booked in for a consultation with one of our beauty team.

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