Even before the latest update on the 24th of July, announcing that everyone must wear facemasks in supermarkets and other public facilities, many of us have incorporated face masks into our everyday lives. In fact, for many people, the time spent wearing a facemask exceeds the time spent without one.

Of course, this is for the best and these measures should help prevent the spread of airborne viruses but facemasks do have some bad points that go beyond the sheer inconvenience of forgetting to bring one on your latest trip for a bottle of wine.

In addition to the fact that everyone now looks like they are part of a post-apocalyptic society, these nuisance new-age accessories are having a detrimental effect on our dermatology.

Mask-induced acne, also known as “maskne”, is becoming a very real problem for people. Even the Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine has experienced it!

So, what is maskne?

Maske is caused by the constant rubbing of the facemask of your skin which causes minuscule tears that allow bacteria and dirt to enter your pores and clog them up. This is then exacerbated by your breathing.

As you breathe, your mask traps in the hot air and creates a warm, moist environment generating more sweat and more oil which gives the bacteria an even better place to thrive. It’s the perfect storm for spots!

What can we do about maskne?

Fortunately, with some adjustments to our skincare regimes, we can protect our skin and make sure we are only wearing those masks to protect people from COVID and not from seeing our breakouts.

First and foremost, you will need to temporarily substitute any thick face creams for something a little lighter weight and if possible, something that is water-based. Using a light moisturiser is going to help prevent any skin irritation and will give your face some protective barrier.

If you want some extra help protecting your skin, Charlottes Academy’s very own beauticians have picked out their four favourite Katherine Daniels products that will be your best allies in the fight against maskne.

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