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Hair Hydration – Top Tips!

There’s no argument that seasonal weather can affect our hair. In the winter, cold and wind strips the moisture from our hair, and in the summer, the sun and heat can dry it out. However, there is more to know when it comes to the dryness of your hair.

Without going into too much detail there are two main reasons that cause dry hair. The first is that your scalp isn’t producing enough natural oil to suitably moisturise your hair and the second is that the current condition of your hair is letting too much moisture escape.

There is of course the cardinal sin of hair abuse but following our ‘7 hair drying sins’ post, no one should be doing this to themselves! If you think you might be damaging your hair with your drying regime, give it a read and learn what you’re doing wrong!

So, assuming that you’re not damaging your own hair and your dry hair is a result of the more natural causes mentioned above, Charlottes Academy’s very own hairstylists have compiled some of their best tips for hair hydration!

1. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type Shampoos that are specific for those with dry hair will be creamy in their appearance rather than clear and the will often contain moisture-retaining ingredients such as apricot kernel oil or aloe vera!

2. Don’t overdo the shampoo Cutting down the frequency of your shampooing will give your scalp time to recover and replenish the natural oils that keep your hair well-nourished. Try and skip a day or two and instead just use a conditioner on the days you miss.

3. UV Protection is crucial There are lots of great products available that provide effective protection against the damage of UV rays and we highly recommend them but even simply covering up with a hat or headscarf on particularly bad days is going to wonders for your hair.

4. Hot oil treatments are awesome Giving your hair a hot oil treatment sounds like a torture method but it is amazing! Appy the oil treatment, comb it through, cover with a plastic cap, and sit yourself in the sun, under a dryer or in a warm room. After 20-30 mins rinse off with shampoo and a rich conditioner and you’re done. Go on - treat yourself – you deserve it!

5. Overnight conditioning We moisturise our faces overnight so why not our hair! Before hitting the hay, apply a rich conditioner mask or oil treatment to your hair, cover it with a shower cap. When you wake up shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Easy.

Now you’re armed with our best tips for Hair Hydration, dry hair should be a thing of the past but if you are still experiencing persistent dry hair, just get in touch or pop into the salon to speak with one of our team. We are always happy to give advice and guidance wherever we can!

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