Winter weather can play havoc with your hair, skin and nails.

"I love what the rain has done to my hair" said no one ever!"

Welcome to our very first blog post, we hope that you find it useful! We want to bring all of our wonderful clients monthly offers along with tips and tricks on how to look after you.  As well as showing you our product and nail colour of the month, we will be offering special deals on our favourite hair and beauty treatments, so why not treat yourself.


Hair Tip #1

In winter, exposure to the cold elements and constant transition from the  indoors to the outdoors strips your hair of its moisture and that  leads to dull, dry hair that's more susceptible to damage.

Luckily, Sebastian Potion 9 is available, the original leave-in wearable treatment. This versatile cream conditioner, made with 9 botanical extracts to help restore lost moisture, provides flexible hold that allows the hair to be styled into multiple looks - while helping to restore hair's natural shine.


Skincare Tip #1

Although tempting to jump into a hot shower at the end of the day, the heat can cause your skin to dry as it strips away your natural protective oils. It may not seem like much fun but turning down your temperature of your shower will help keep your skin in top condition throughout the winter.

Your skin heals itself at night so why not give Katherine Daniels Night Balm a try.


Nail Colour of the Month...

This month our therapist's have chosen Impulsive by The Gel Bottle. A Gel Manicure can be yours for just £20.00, when you have IMPULSIVE nails.


February Staff Holidays

Chloe: 1st - 8th     Alana: 5th - 8th Megan: 18th - 20th     Abi: 15th Don't forget your annual skin test and let us know of any changes

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