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Debunking some common hair extension myths.

The world is full of fake news these days, and someone always has something to say about everything. This includes hair extensions. So if you’ve recently started to make enquiries about hair extensions and have been doing research online – as you should – we want to make sure you haven’t been negatively affected by these common and inaccurate extension myths.

Myth #1

Hair extensions are easy to spot.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hair extensions and there are plenty of reasons why people decide to have them, but that being said, no one wants to have them noticed for the wrong reasons.

Racoon International have three types of extension; bonded hair extensions are small and translucent, taking on the colour of your natural hair. The bonds are discreet, no bigger than the size of an uncooked grain of rice. The unique formula is easy to apply and quick to remove leaving no trace or residue;

Luxe Links are the smallest links available. The link is discreetly hidden under the hair extension attachment making them virtually undetectable so you can wear your hair up with confidence; Luxe Wefts are far smaller than most other wefts. "Micro" in size, they can be worn discreetly with hair up or down. The ultra-superfine and flexible micro header make them virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear.

Myth #2

You can’t fully blend in hair extensions.

There are certainly enough pictures and videos online showing some pretty awful attempts at blending hair extensions but don’t let the amateurs put you off. With the combination of a qualified stylist and quality extensions, making them blend is no problem at all.

Racoon International's fantastic Luxe Bond method is a loose hair system which allows your stylist to skilfully blend a mix of hair shades to achieve the most natural of looks. With an extensive palette of colours to choose from, it is no wonder why Racoon's Luxe Bond system is the preferred choice for achieving natural, multi-toned highlights to seamlessly match your own hair.

Myth #3

Hair extensions leave hair broken, damaged, and thin.

There is some truth behind this myth, and the horror stories you hear are mostly the result of extensions fitted by poorly trained stylists using a product. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and if you are not prepared to pay for quality service, extensions might not be the way for you to go.

Our Racoon hair extensions are the best in the industry and when they are fitted by one of our trained and qualified stylists, they cause absolutely no damage to your hair. We’re not just saying that either, that is backed up by a variety of independent trichologists (hair boffins).

Myth #4

Hair extensions can't be worn all the time.

Why would you not? No matter whether you are attending a wedding or hitting the gym, your hair extensions can be worn in confidence and comfort. What’s the point in getting yourself some fancy new extensions if you can’t show them off to everyone as much as possible?

Myth #5

Hair extensions are difficult to look after.

All hair should be well looked after, but you will be pleased to know that hair extensions do not require any more special treatment than your normal hair does.

You can look after them at home and won’t need to keep returning to the salon for any upkeep.

It is possible that they can become tangled – just like your normal hair – but as Racoon International extensions are of such high quality, this is less likely to occur than it would be with other brands.

For more information on Racoon Internation Hair Extensions, check out their website:

If you would like to organise a consultation with one of our extension specialists, get in touch with us online, in-salon, or through our social media pages.

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