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Bring some colour to your hair this winter

Sure, outside it may be dark and dreary but that doesn’t mean your hair needs to be. Sometimes when the seasons change, it’s the perfect time to make some changes to yourself (new year new me and all that). So why not bring a bit of light, shine and colour to your locks, to keep your spirits high through these winter months.

Now before you get booked in, lets run through our top tips for colouring your hair this time of year.

1. Colour + Complexion = Best Results

When picking your winter colour, keep your complexion in mind because this can have a big impact on the overall look. Complexions will change over the years, so it is a good idea to get an idea of your current situation.

Fear not, this will not require any special equipment or an appointment with the doctor. Just turn your wrist over and have a little glance at the colour of your veins. People with warm undertones generally have a greener colour, whereas those with warm undertones look blue or purple.

Cool Complexion + Cool Colours / Warm Complexion + Warm Colours = Great looking winter hair

2. Don’t over wash!

Not only will reducing the amount of time you wash your hair reduce your heating and water bills, it is going to do wonders for your hair and scalp during the winter months. Keeping your washes to between 2-3 times per week will ensure you maintain your scalps natural oils that are going to protect your hair. We also recommend keeping the temperature of the water down low. This is going to keep your colours looking fresher for longer.

3. Blend and add depth

Blending is especially important if you have any greys coming through, so don’t forget to bring it up with our team when you are booking. Our stylists will be able to use techniques such as highlighting, balayage and lowlights to work in more with your natural hair colour.

In addition to this, by using other colours that fall within the same chromatic range, we can create a look of thick hair that is full of volume!

4. Keep your colours safe

Now this is one of the most crucial tips of all, so pay close attention. What ever you do, if you have had a colour treatment, be careful what shampoos and conditioners you use on your hair. You may not have heard of Parabens or Sulfates but we have and we can tell you they are best avoided.

Remember to ask your stylist for their recommendations for your hair. All of the products we use in-salon are available to buy in-salon or through our web store.

5. Keep your hair strong and supple

Our final tip is valid all year round but is especially important in the winter. This time of year, the air outside is much colder and drier which can cause your hair to become brittle and sometimes even break. While hair dyes are not particularly harsh, it is best to make sure your hair is in the best condition it can be before dying it. To do this we recommend some fantastic products to add essential moisture to your hair and keep it strong all year round.

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