8 Simple rules for a post lockdown haircut...

Have you heard the news? Salons are expecting to reopen from the 4th of July, hurray!

Many of you are already counting down the days to the 4th of July when salons across the UK are set to reopen and tend to those neglected locks, but just how is returning to your salon going to work?

We can’t speak for anyone else but we have put together 8 simple rules to follow on your next appointment at Charlottes Academy.

Rule 1: Come alone!

This is not always going to be possible if, for example, you’re bringing a relative for a haircut but as space is going to be limited inside the salon, we may need to ask that you wait outside while they are having their hair cut. We haven’t seen you in weeks so we only want you and no one else!

Rule 2: Get in the zone!

2m zones have been marked on the floor which we will need clients to stay within while they are in the salon. There are also paths marked out for safe movement around the salon.

Rule 3: Mask up

Just like getting on public transport, to make all efforts to prevent the spreading of COVID, we are asking that all clients wear a face mask throughout their visit and all staff will be asked to do the same.

At the very least our team will be wearing a material face mask but we are providing full-face visors too for extra safety.

Rule 4: Arrive on time & don’t linger

This is a tough one because we do love to have a good natter with our clients but we are going to be on a very tight schedule when we get back in to make sure we can see as many people we can and not overcrowd the salon.

Rule 5: Sanitise the hands

Sadly, not the alcohol you would wish to be given when you arrive at the salon but making sure you have sanitised your hands-on arrival is going to be an essential part of our reopening. You are welcome to bring your own but hand wash will be provided.

Rule 6: No dry cuts

Without a doubt, this is one of the nicest rules we have. All hair will have to be washed before your treatment. This will mean that your usual treatment may take longer than it normally does so please keep this in mind when making appointments.

Rule 7: No complex colour

This one hurts us more than it hurts you. In order for us to ensure you don’t break rule 4 and stay too long in the salon, we are having to put our longer colour treatments on hold for the time being. It should go without saying that we will be looking to get this back on as soon as we can!

Rule 8: Don't show up with symptoms

We saved the most obvious until last. Please, please, please don't come to your appointment if you have symptoms.

We hope these 8, very simple rules, will keep you and our team safe on your first visit back to Charlottes Academy!

To book an appointment, just get in touch...

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