5 Reasons no to use box colour

We’ve all seen the advert. Out walks the glamorous celebrity, who goes from grey roots to a full head of beautifully coloured hair, all thanks to the £5 box hair dye they’re endorsing. Of course, we all know this isn’t really the case and the expert results are actually thanks to their expert hairstylist.

The Isle of Wight is a small place and at Charlottes, we always want to make sure we’re offering our clients the very best hairdressing we can which is why, in addition to the years we spent training to qualify, we undergo continuous training to keep our knowledge and skills as sharp as our scissors.

Colour levels, developers and the laws of colour, are some of the subjects we expect our stylists to fully understand but unless hairdressing is your professional why would you need to know these things?

To make things harder for you DIYers, the general quality of the product itself makes it even harder for the novice at home colourist to get consistent results. So, just in case you are still eyeing up that box hair dye kit while you are waiting for a professional appointment, we have 5 very good reasons why you should place it back on the shelf and back away.

1. One size does not fit all

By this, we mean everyone is different…we all have different hair conditions, hair types and tolerances to chemicals. Most box dyes contain the highest amounts of ammonia and pigment in order for them to work on more people but this excessive use of chemicals greatly increases the change of allergic reactions and hair damage.

2. Is it really what you need?

So you're trying to get your hair that lush golden blonde and have found the box dye you’re sure is the colour you desire. The thing is, are you trying to change your hair colour or cover greys? This is a crucial question because the formulation of colours you need to achieve either of these goals is completely different and you will not find this bespoke solution in a standard kit.

3. Demi, semi or permanent?

If you’ve never bought box dye before you may be wondering which to choose from but if you have bought them before, you’ll know that often there’s very little difference. At Charlottes Academy we can create demi, semi and permanent colour treatments giving you confidence in your colour.

4. Prepare for damaged hair

If you’re a regular user of box dyes you’ll have noticed how your hair has become much more straw-like and this is because your hair cuticles have become more porous. Damaged hair is pretty much a guarantee when you use box dyes.

5. Buy cheap, buy twice

The old saying is you get what you pay for so although the cheaper investment of £5-10 for a box dye might seem like the savvy choice, you really need to consider the long term effects and the very real possibility that you are going to need some corrective treatment with a professional. This could mean that box dye ends up costing more than a professional service would have in the first place.

For more information about colouring or to book yourself a consultation, get in touch with us on 01983 20090 or drop us a message.

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