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Our story, our mission.


Charlotte’s Academy is a cornerstone of the Cowes business scene and has been providing clients with quality hair and beauty treatments for over 20 years. Created in 2001 by the owner and Creative Director Charlotte Stephan, the 5-star hair salon has come a long way from its small beginnings.


Starting out as a humble three-seater salon on Shooters Hill, Charlotte rapidly grew the business by providing the best quality services and relying on clients to recommend the hair salon to their friends and family.

In a place as close-knit as the Isle of Wight, maintaining a good reputation depends on delivering consistent expertise, which is why cultivating a business in this way speaks volumes to the dedication and passion she and her team share for their art.

It was not long before Charlotte’s needed more room and more hairstylists.

The chosen site for the new hair and beauty salon was a listed property on Birmingham Road. The building had once served as a Chemist but had long since been forgotten. Somewhat derelict, it needed the vision of a talented stylist to look past the mess and see the potential hidden within.

Renovations began and after several months of hard work, Charlotte’s Academy had its new and current location, with three times the capacity and a look and feel to compliment the quality of their service.


In addition to the six cutting stations, the new salon was fitted out with top of line washing stations, three hair colouring stations, two beauty rooms for skin care, waxing, and massage as well as a spa including a hot tub, sauna, and shower room.

Providing clients with professional hair and beauty treatments is only a part of how Charlottes Academy has grown year-on-year and survived many years of economic turbulence. The other key to their success is an ethos that has been instilled in the team.  

When you visit Charlottes Academy for hair or beauty treatments, you can expect a 5-Star salon experience which is achieved by the team committing to a set of client promises:

  • To provide a warm welcome into a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, to make you feel at home.

  • To give you an honest and professional consultation.

  • To provide you with the best styling and personal home care advice.

  • To continue the development of our skills and knowledge.

  • To respect you, your time, and your health.

  • To always invite you back to see us again.


Charlotte’s Academy takes great pride in never being satisfied and always pushing to improve. This outlook extends from their services, through to the team and into the salon itself.

Training sessions are frequent and ongoing so that the whole team has sufficient opportunity to hone their craft and learn new skills under the tutelage of in-house Creative Directors and nationally renowned stylists.


In addition to a commitment to quality training, Charlotte’s Academy keeps its finger on the pulse with respect to new treatments and products. The team is always searching and testing the latest in hair and skincare products so that they can offer genuine recommendations to their clients.  


In partnership with industry-leading and award-winning hair and beauty brands, such as Wella, Sebastian, and Katherine Daniels, Charlotte’s teams ensure that their clients only receive the very best products to match the quality of the services they provide.

Their products are also available for purchase in-store or online so that you can have this genuine salon quality at home.

Providing their clients with expert treatments and best quality products would be pointless without ensuring the salon itself kept up to the standard and this is something Charlotte herself is keenly committed to. Constant review of the flow and feel of the salon, taking on staff and client feedback has rewarded Charlotte’s Academy with arguably one of the most comfortable and attractive salons on the Isle of Wight.

But don’t take our word for it, go and find out for yourself.

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